Built up area - parking or waiting

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Built up area - parking or waiting

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Can you help with another question, please?
Q 8935:
Within a built up area, the blue car is ............here
The answer is allowed to wait or park.

The image shows 2 roads separated by a verge. On the right road there are two cars, blue (on the left) and yellow (on the right).
How can a car on the left park/wait?

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Built up area - parking or waiting

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This IS allowed within a built-up area :idea:

So without something to forbid it (signs, or simply dividing the carriageway in lanes through markings) you can wait & park there

It's a one-way carriageway, so similar to a one-way street, where you're also generally allowed to park on the left side .

This situation is rather rare "in the wild" though , so many people aren't familiar with it and don't park there, because it seems wrong ... :wink:
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