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Dimitar S.

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Bericht door Dimitar S. » 28 nov 2012, 09:38

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Van: Dimitar S.
Datum: 11/28/12 00:58:10
Onderwerp: Geslaagd rijbewijs A

Halo, mijn Nederlands is niet erg good, dus mijn mail volgt in het Engels.

My name is Dimitar S. (Leuven). I was learning the theory from" target="_blank for category A - motorfiets. I really appreciate the videos, the explanations, the extra reading material and mostly the test exams. In two days (I have already driving license for category B) I managed to achieve the required so that I can pass.
Today I passed with 44/50, from the first time in Dutch ;) en ik ben blij.

Cheers, and thanks again. :)