Engels/English Exam

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Gopal Karnam

Engels/English Exam

Bericht door Gopal Karnam » 15 jan 2016, 15:06

I gave my English exam (Theory B) in Gent. I say it is better to take English exam even though you know Nederlands b/c there is more time to respond :-)

The question & choices for answer appear on screen in Nederlands. A translator reads out load the question and choices in English. He reads it twice. Typically, this takes 1/2 to 1 minute. The 15 second counter starts after the translation and the correct answer has to be selected within this time. It will advance to next question for all the students together after the end of the time period.

Good luck!

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Re: Engels/English Exam

Bericht door Lanre85 » 10 jun 2016, 11:31

Congrats Dear, Can you please put me through on this matters. I am looking for Driving Theory Book in English Language? How much does its cost and where can I bought it? Or if you can rent me your own book to make a photocopy I will be very glad.

Thanks and Warmly Regards.

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