Information in theory book

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Information in theory book

Bericht door Jacqueline » 20 sep 2018, 20:46


I have purchased the 'Theory driving Licence B' in English which comes with additional exercise book. I have gone through the first two chapters and answered the following questions. From the two chapters I've already had three with conflicting answers to what is shown in the theory book. How do I know if the information in the book is correct or the answers given to the questions?

For example:
Chapter 1.
Normal maximum speed on a lane.
Theory book states it is 90kms/hour. However in the exercises I got this questions wrong as it shows 70km/hour is the maximum speed. There is another similar question in Chapter two with 90km stated in the theory book but 70km being the correct answer in the exercise.

Chapter 2.
Traffic signs.
Theory books states a lane reduction sign is a 'positive instruction sign'. However in the exercises I also got this question wrong as it states its not an instruction sign but an information sign.

Has anyone else had these issues or advice on how to make sure I'm learning the right information. My concern is that if I continue with the chapters I am going to find more conflicting information.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Information in theory book

Bericht door GRO » 21 sep 2018, 06:58

You have an old book. If you bought it recently, bring it back to the shop and ask a new one or your money back. You cannot use an old book.

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